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Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

I understand how communication between yourself and the opposite sex can be the sole catalyst of destruction in a relationship. Men, do, have good intentions (most of the time) but, tend to find it very difficult to articulate thoughts and feelings into words. He loves you but has a funny way of showing it.

There is an intrinsic feeling that tells you you’re meant to be together but after all the effort you can conjure up, you see no way of passing an invisible barrier. Or, maybe the deep feeling is telling you that you’re not meant to be together but you’ve found yourself bound by superficial excuses you’ve created to avoid making the hard but correct decision.

Between you and the boy or man in your life, communication is the cause of all problems. You have lost the vocabulary and dynamic to engage in a meaningful manner. There is so much the pair of you want to say but don’t know how to articulate it or, don’t understand how it’s being delivered.

I transgress the unfortunate limitations of a man’s ‘thought to words’ mechanism, and bridge the gap between his behaviour and the female’s perception that only sees an unloving, illiterate caveman. 

Together, we attempt to find the truth and, consequently, overcome stuckness.

Let’s sort it out.


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