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"Boris is an incredibly thoughtful, wise and relatable mindset coach. He has a deep, well-rounded understanding of both conventional psychological principles and techniques; in addition to more contemporary and emerging schools of thought.


He has a natural gift for listening, understanding and drawing from his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide meaningful, objective insights and a genuinely valuable perspective that has personally helped me work through high-stakes business dilemmas with newfound clarity, as well as problem-solve relationship challenges in my personal life.


I highly recommend Boris  to anyone, particularly entrepreneurs who need to regain their vision, as well as rediscover their purpose and sense of self amid the noise of day to day responsibilities and demands."


"I met Boris the first time whilst working offshore. He helped me see clearly from an outside point of view what was wrong when I had family issues going on.


My family being on the opposite side of Australia I tend to be in the dark about a lot of issues and find it hard to process when I do get the full story. Boris helped me through by explaining things perfectly as to how he perceived the situation. 

Boris vast knowledge about human behaviour and the human mind makes him suited for such a role. He is extremely articulate which allows him to convey his perception of the issue fluidly. I know at anytime I could rely on him to help me through any issues I have."


"When thinking of Boris 3 words come to mind, passionate, logical and effective.


Boris clearly has the intelligence, knowledge and good intentions to become one of Australia's leading "Personal Consultants".


As an entrepreneur I have always enjoyed speaking with him about the make up of life and how to reach our full potential as humans. Not only can Boris help those who are in need of help but he can also help the happy and successful achieve a higher standards of living.


I have no doubt that Boris will and has changed the lives of many."


"Boris  is one of a kind in being able to talk to you about some personal issues . I had been to a couple of professionals which didn’t really relate to me and my situation instead feeling like they had their process to put you through and send you on your way.


You can tell Boris is very passionate about helping u understand what could be the issue and providing relatable experiences and methods that suits you on how to overcome.


Wish there was more people out there who provide help that would take a approach like Boris does . Very much recommended"


"In an era where most of our human interactions are through a screen, deep connections are seldom present. Boris prioritises human connection whether it be encouraging others in moment of growth, helping to understand the opposing point of views in conflicts or to help bring clarity to over thinkers.

His ability to be pragmatic while providing genuine care and consideration is his biggest strength and his wisdom is beyond his years. 

You can count on Boris to be whole-hearted and genuinely invested in helping you improve your quality of life and connections."


"I had the pleasure of working along side Boris in 2018 and in an offshore working environment where being away from home at weeks at a time can take a toll on ones mental health and family life.


Not only was he able to help me shed some light on the struggles that I was having mentally but also helped me understand the struggles that my family back home go through as well. Through his gentle and understanding approach he helped me calm my internal thoughts and assisted me to strengthen my communication skills to ensure both myself and my family benefited in what would normally be a highly stressful time.


It’s not always an easy thing for men to talk when things are tough, but Boris enables you to break down those walls and feel comfortable and confident enough to shed light on issues that can be difficult to navigate within yourself."


"For the two years that I have known Boris he has been of guidance to me. Every time I spoke to him he really knew how I was feeling about school and ATAR and all the pressure I had been feeling from parents.


He knew the exact words to say which gave me comfort and understanding. 

He’s a dedicated and hardworking man with a beautiful family and I’m so proud of him for taking this step in his career because he is going to help so many people."


"Rig welding and psychology. Quite a dichotomy! Boris has certainly had some diverse life experience and I have found my conversations with him to be very rewarding.


He is always happy to share his considered and insightful advice."


"Boris! Where do I start. A down to earth human being, who has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. 


Within seconds of meeting Boris, you will open up about the things which a most important to you, without even realising you are doing. He provides clarity, and a logical approach, to the point where you will be left wondering ‘how come did I not think of that’.


Above all Boris is very capable and competent, caring, empathetic professional with high emotional intelligence. I recommend Boris to anyone who is seeking guidance, clarity, or a non-judgemental approach to bettering oneself. I know that he has helped me, on many occasions."


"Boris has a deep intellect with some really good insights. He was really easy to open up too. I’m glad I met him"


"Boris has always been a great listener in any topic we have ever spoken about. He listens very attentively and always makes sure he has a grasp and understanding of anything important.


Through the years of knowing Boris, he has always shown very strong emotional stability and understanding of who he is as a person. His conversational skills have always come across as confident and I respect him for always being level headed.


I have every bit of faith that Boris will be able to give advice on anything even if he needs to do research into any topic he is not too familiar with, as he has a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to help others."


"Boris there isn’t a person you can’t captivate I have seen this soo many times and how you move them into a positive direction is phenomenal.


I truly think of you as a superhero a force for good! A fighter for those that need a little clarity and just enough kindness and support to get above any tribulations, you literally were born onto this Earth to make it a better place.


I know you have for me and the many others I have witnessed your simply wise beyond your years and I would recommend anyone with struggles be they financially invested, emotionally invested or good 'ol family concerns Boris has the magic touch and I would recommend his services to colleagues, clients and friends.



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