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Construction Project

The life is not always what it's cracked up to be. But, it's not always bad or destructive as some may believe. What is the difference between the FIFO lifestyle improving quality of life or, destroying everything you were working for in the first place? 


The money is enticing and attracts those wanting to put their skills, stamina, and resilience to the test for the reward of higher income and quality of time at home. 


It is rewarding when: 

  • you maintain a sense of purpose 

  • You have a strong kinship on the front line out there  

  • An intimate relationship forged with trust and good communication at home, and  

  • You have a goal. 


It goes bad when: 

  • You lose sight of a goal and forget what you're even working for 

  • You or your partner becomes a source of mistrust and deceit  

  • The money isn't as satisfying as expected 

  • You become a foreigner in your own home 

  • And... you blame yourself for everything 

I’ve worked FIFO 8 years as a boilermaker/welder in the red dirt, offshore oil and gas construction and, offshore drill rigs before I became a student of psychology and counselling. I’ve seen it all. Now I've consolidated psychological literature and theory with my FIFO experience to give a premium and unique service.


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