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Talking Business

As intuitive as it emerges, the art of conversation is no easy task. Well, a conversation that involves speaking about something meaningful or important.  


Why do we find ourselves unable to effectively communicate with someone in times when it seems most necessary?  


To speak about something meaningful, one must embody two approaches; Humility and honesty. Both of these virtues combined draw an attitude that says “I may not know everything and I may learn something new at this moment, regardless of my social position”. The problem is, not many people are willing to bring that approach to a meaningful conversation or discussion where there are conflicting ideas. This results in people settling for a more superficial mode of communication or avoiding certain topics altogether, therefore, never being able to push through relationship blockages or issues. 


In some cases, avoiding certain topics with certain people is actually quite necessary to maintain civility in a coexisting social plane (work colleague, in-laws, teammate). But, for an in-depth relationship of intrinsic quality with a loved one, the difficult chats need to be had. It just happens to be that it’s not always well received.  


That’s why I chose to open up my place to act as the safest place one can go to engage on any level, about any topic and not speak in fear of being ridiculed or socially isolated. The best way one can create order in their thoughts is to be given the opportunity to think and speak out loud without interruption or perceived judgement. 


I guarantee a safe place for you to chat about life, freely formulate ideas and create order in your life as a consequence. 


Let’s chat. 


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